Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do we use original parts?

A: Yes we do if requested by the customer .

Q:How many days will it take for my vehicle to be fixed?

A: It varies depending on the damage of the vehicle and the availability of parts.

Q:Do we  guarantee our work?

A: Yes we do, for the life time that you own the vehicle.

Q: Do we work with insurance companies?

A: Yes we do, all types of insurance companies are happily accepted

Q:Do we provide towing services?

A: Towing services are available 24/7

Q:Do we provide rental car service ?

A: yes we do at a discounted rate.

Q.Can I send you photos of the car

A. No, it would be easier for us to examine the damage in person. 

Have a questions for us ?  Let us know in the comment section below.